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I'm Shanmari - elopement crafter and photographer here at Avonture. I'm based out of Ohio and travels worldwide to help couples plan their dream elopement that values their beliefs and authenticity. Reach out anytime if you'd like to chat about yours!

Is Eloping Right for You?

Eloping is a beautiful experience, and making this choice is the most exciting one you can make. As an elopement photographer, my goal is to ensure that your dream of the perfect elopement becomes a reality, I truly want couples to know that you are not limited to traditions or the cookie-cutter wedding that everyone is locked in with. Your relationship is unique, you have the freedom of choice.

Every couple at some point considers eloping. Whether it be right after you get engaged or amid overwhelming wedding planning – there is so much appeal to the idea of eloping. You get to run off on a magnificent adventure with the love of your life – I get it! While eloping isn't for everyone, there are still couples who are weighing their options.

Fears About Traditional Weddings

If you have been weighing the option to elope or have a big wedding, discover what eloping couples have to say on the fears they had when they decided eloping is right for them:

"Being pressured into doing things you don't want to and end up miserable and sad about your wedding day."

This is a pretty popular one. "Aunt Carol" for example is stereotyped to be the one pressuring a couple into having a wedding day that is not fitting to them at all. Who wants to miss out on a day that can be true to them?

"Getting overwhelmed with the wedding planning, guest lists and amount of money spent on invaluable things."

Planning any large event with 100+ people is stressful, you won't be able to please every single person when it comes to that amount. Someone will always walk away disappointed or unhappy about something on your wedding day. There are couples that end up needing therapy after their wedding because the stress they've endured planning the wedding has affected their relationship tremendously and there are some couples that end up in large amounts of debt after spending so much money on favors and meals that many guests did not even like.

"Worried we won't be able to spend alone time with each other."

This is nearly impossible if you need to entertain 50+ people within 8 hours or less. Kiss alone time and intimate moments goodbye if you choose to go the traditional route.

"Feeling rushed and pressured the day of."

Again, large events are almost never on schedule and once things go off schedule it becomes chaotic. This is simply out of your control to begin with.

"Losing friendships or good family bonds by choosing the bridal party."

Not everyone can be your best man or maid of honor right? When placing your people on a scale of being the best or least best person in your life it can make for some heart breaks and even broken friendships.


I have yet to hear a couple say that they regret eloping - it is always the other way around, couples very often regret going to traditional route and end up wishing they eloped. Ask a few friends and family you trust, if they could get married all over again, what will they change, I can assure you they will all say something like "not making the day all about the guests" or "having something smaller and less stressful" or even "investing our money into something more memorable" - this is usually the answer to this question.

Now, let's explore the Top 5 reasons why eloping is right for you!

1. You Don't Like All Eyes on You

Couples often express that they experience anxiety having all the attention on them, which can be a traumatic experience for some. You could have 50-300 people looking at you, making toasts in your honor, and force affection on you. If you are the kind of person who loves the spotlight, a big wedding might be for you.

If you or your partner is an introvert, you might have a better time eloping. Intimate ceremonies in the great outdoors are an anxiety-free way for you to commit yourselves to each other. With the theme being romance and privacy – what could be better than that.

2. You Want to Invest Your Money Intentionally

When I ask my couples why they chose to elope, money is usually the very last reason. The difference of money spent when it comes to traditional weddings versus eloping, is that when you elope you have a lot more control over where you spend your money and how much.

With elopements you have more control over what you want to include on your wedding day, and the best part? A judgement free zone entirely! So if you feel like splurging on you two and have that photographer you've always wanted to photograph your day or book that lodging you've always dreamed of, then do it. Eloping couples love to invest their money into a memorable experience and there's never regret.

3. Marriage is More Important Than the Event

Some couples are just happy they are getting married and prefer experiences with each other over an extravagant event. Large events is not for everyone, there's couples out there that even avoid going to family gatherings or prefer each others company over anyone else's.

Having that freedom of vulnerability is very important on your wedding day, you deserve to feel safe when reading your private vows to your partner. These are important things for a wedding day, the way you feel, how comfortable you are to just be you - can truly make or break a wedding experience.

4. Your Family Won't Mind

Many couples choose to elope when they realize that their family doesn't mind how they get married. This can be a significant deciding factor for a lot of couples. When loved ones express that you are not letting anyone down, deciding whether eloping is for you become an easy choice. While you should still consider how your loved ones feel, it should not be the reason you choose not to elope.

Another bonus is that you get to stay away from family politics when you elope. You won't have to look at the seating arrangement and wonder where to place people based on friendships or whether they like each other or not.

Remember that you don't have to elope alone. You are not limited to 2 witnesses. If you want to bring 10 people along for the adventure, then do it! Why? Because it is what you want and no other reason is necessary.

5. You Love Adventures and Traveling

If you love new experiences alongside your partner, and want to do something unique like a hot air balloon ride or exploring an ice cave in Alaska – you will love adventure eloping. Pick a spot on the map, and let's get planning! You get to start your wedded life together on a mountaintop or in front of the most magnificent lake views surrounded by mountains.

Our world is filled with beautiful places that are ready to get explored. Doing so with your best friend on your wedding day is incredibly romantic. Be true to who you are as a couple and start your marriage the way you want.

So, is Eloping Right for You?

Well, that is entirely up to you!

Do you love adventure and prefer privacy and seclusion on your wedding day? Do you mind not having every extended family member not present at your elopement?

Eloping is a magical experience filled with romance and adventure, but it is not for everyone. If you relate to all the above and are considering whether eloping is for you, be open with your partner and family members. They might love the idea just as much as you do!

Thinking of eloping and not sure where to start?

Reach out to me, Shan, an Elopement Photographer based in Cleveland Ohio, who travels worldwide.

I adore to help couples create a wedding day that not only is adventurous and fun but also true to them.

As an experienced Elopement Photographer I know all the amazing spots and legalities when it comes to eloping.

Feel free to reach out and we can chat or simply follow along on my adventures with incredible eloping couples on Instagram.

Happy Adventuring ;)


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I'm Shanmari - elopement crafter and photographer here at Avonture. I'm based out of Ohio and travels worldwide to help venturing couples like you plan their dream elopement that values their beliefs and authenticity.

Need help crafting your own elopement day?

 If you'd like help planning your dream elopement day with a ultimate elopement planning guide, personalized location idea list just for you, vendor recommendations, planning and traveling tips and tricks, my never-ending help and guidance and an authentic, documentary approach to photographing your adventure - I would love to help you plan your day from scratch and make all your wedding dreams come true and more.

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