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I'm your guide to your intimate elopement experience, but most importantly I'm rooting for you!

No matter how you want to spend your day or what unique elements you want to bring along - I'm here to help you with the foundation of planning your elopement day, from scratch.

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There's a few steps to take before you can legally and safely get married outside, I help with the legalities of getting married in the outdoors, from understanding marriage licenses to researching & applying for those tricky event permits at parks, I'll walk you through it all.

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Yes, I even assist with finding vendors that aligns with your values & style! Finding unique vendors can be a long & dreary task, but since I know & have worked with many unique vendors, even in the most remote locations, I love suggesting great vendors from florists to musicians and even adventure guides.

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An ideal elopement location is a bit trickier to figure out than people think, sometimes elopements aren't allowed in certain areas, I can help find & narrow down the perfect elopement location that is legal, safe & ideal for your day.

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Putting together a timeline that takes in consideration hiking time, driving time and best time of day for certain activities is a huge (& fun) part of the planning that I assist with, narrowing down exactly how you want to spend your day & with what activities - I help craft a laid back, personalized timeline that's perfect for your day.

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It is no secret by now that I know the world of elopements, know that I hold nothing back when it comes to my couples & crafting a day that is uniquely them - you will have my expertise at your disposal alongside extensive, exclusive planning guides, checklists, packing lists & SO much more.

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In the end you will walk away with a remarkable photo gallery that not only tells your story, but is also authentically you. The gallery can be shared & viewed all across the world on desktop & mobile to easily view or download your memories as much as you want.

Reach out with a general date & location & receive a free consultation call.


Photo by David Swidrak

But, who am I when I am not a Photographer?

I'm a wife & elopement bride.

My husband & I eloped before eloping was cool;)     After almost one year of a long distance relationship we decided that eloping is for us. We had our intimate elopement on the cliffs of the Horseshoe Bend in the red deserts of Arizona, this golden Arizona sunset will never leave my mind & the memories we created together that day will always be impossible to rival.


Fun facts: my husband, Ervis, traveled all the way to South Africa to propose to me!

I'm a best friend.

My life completely changed the day we adopted, Alpen, her name comes from the word alpenglow, her fur color are super unique and her eyes are this bright golden color that reminds me of lit up mountain tops. 

This little furry girl comes with us on all our adventures and is even fully leashed & travel trained! She's been to North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY, The Adirondacks & on many Ohio hiking trails too!

Fun facts: her favorite toy is medicine caps, you know those clear measuring caps you get when you buy medicine? yeah that. We also mainly call her Alpie, haha!

Shan & Alpen _ Jul 10 2021 _ Lake Erie-9562.jpg

a v o n t u r e

What does "avonture" mean?


The word, "Avonture" is the Afrikaans word for adventures.


I was born and raised in South Africa and that's why my husband came all the way there to propose and why I have milked cows before, pet many different wildlife and pretty much grew up in the outdoors! Afrikaans is my native language & English is my second.


Avonture represents the start of a lifetime of adventures. Usually when a couple gets married someone would congratulate them and say "I wish you a lifetime full of avonture" i.e a lifetime full of adventures.

That's what I wish for you, that this adventure into marriage is only the start of a lifetime full of meaningful adventures together.

San Juan Elopement, Colorado. Avonture Elopement Photographer-9167.jpg

I'm a traveler & explorer.

Some of my best adventures in life have been deciding to step out & go see what the world has to offer, from big experiences to small ones, I adore the outdoors & love learning new ways to experience & take care of it.

I absolutely adore hiking, even on the cold snowy days, my favorite thing about hiking is finding the small things interesting. Yeah, I stop to look at things like mushrooms and tiny waterfalls but there's nothing that makes me feel the world quite like a view that makes me feel small.

Fun facts: I have milked a cow with my bare hands before! (explanation below, lol)

Ohio Elopement Photographer, Avonture Adirondack Elopements-2245.jpg

My strong values are:


Our planet is our only home, and what an incredibly beautiful one! I love this home and all the animals that roam on it, I care for everything in nature & I follow the Leave No Trace Principles whenever I am adventuring, alone & together.



This is your safe space, I highly support the LGBTQIA & BIPOC community and everyone that feels like they don't have a place on this earth. Because you do, everyone has a spot, especially here!


I value to capture you for who you are, and work with every couples' own values and 

authenticity, documenting a couple's real, raw emotions is what I strive for every day. My brand is built upon your true love and the deep connection you share.

I am Committed to continue learning and educating myself;

to better my knowledge of elopements, photography, art, the locations I photograph in and the business side of things. I will continue to grow in all aspects to create truly incredible experiences alongside art for my clients. Here's a few honorable badges I carry.



Honored to be featured alongside great fellow elopement photographers.


This is something I am truly proud to be a part of, I have taken the LNT course for elopement photographers offered by the Adventure Instead Academy and the Leave No Trace Center.


Documenting my couples' authenticity and true connections is important to me and having it featured on an app all about ideas to photograph couples is another great honor.

Travel Schedule

I value your love just as much as I value my own.

My Travel Schedule

This schedule changes actively, please contact me for more accurate whereabouts.


Cleveland (area) Ohio - January, February, December

Columbus, Ohio - April, September, October, November

California & Nevada - November

2024 travel schedule will be released soon. prices will vary.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
All you need is a general location and date to get started.

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