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a v o n t u r e

What does "avonture" mean?


The word, "Avonture" is the Afrikaans word for 


I was born and raised in South Africa, so, Afrikaans is my native language - it's only one of the 11 languages in South Africa. Avonture represents the start of a lifetime of adventures. Usually when a couple gets married someone would congratulate them and say "I wish you a lifetime full of avonture" i.e a lifetime full of adventures.

That's what I wish for you, that this adventure into marriage is only the start of a lifetime full of meaningful adventures together.

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My friend,

Hey Friend!


This is me, Shanmari - I'm the Elopement Photographer & Crafter here at Avonture. I think my job is the coolest job on earth & I love what I do SO MUCH.


Simply because I get to work with incredible couples like you in breathtaking scenery that sets my little heart on fire & because I believe the value and horizons of elopement experiences are absolutely endless.

I was an eloping bride too & I truly want every couple to know that they deserve to have the opportunity to experience a wedding day that is uniquely to their personalities - because a wedding experience like that is a life changing one.

And I believe that when you look back at your wedding photographs years later, you should still hear the sounds of laughter and feel the excitement in your heart.

Let's create your unforgettable memories together.






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Get in the feels by watching these amazing moments I've shared with some of my couples

Mountainous Landscape

My strong values are:


Our planet is our only home, and what an incredibly beautiful one! I love this home and all the animals that roam on it, I care for everything in nature & I follow the Leave No Trace Principles whenever I am adventuring, alone & together.



This is your safe space, I highly support the LGBTQIA & BIPOC community and everyone that feels like they don't have a place on this earth. Because you do, everyone has a spot, especially here!


I value to capture you for who you are, and work with every couples' own values and 

authenticity, documenting a couple's real, raw emotions is what I strive for every day. My brand is built upon your true love and the deep connection you share.

I am Committed to continue learning and educating myself;

to better my knowledge of elopements, photography, art, the locations I photograph in and the business side of things. I will continue to grow in all aspects to create truly incredible experiences alongside art for my clients. Here's a few honorable badges I carry.



Honored to be featured alongside great fellow elopement photographers.


This is something I am truly proud to be a part of, I have taken the LNT course for elopement photographers offered by the Adventure Instead Academy and the Leave No Trace Center.


Documenting my couples' authenticity and true connections is important to me and having it featured on an app all about ideas to photograph couples is another great honor.

How will I guide you & help plan your dream elopement experience?

A few things you can expect in the experience of working together & unexpected things I'll be able to help you with:

Finding the perfect off-the-beaten-path ceremony location & creating a timeline that works for you. 

With the help of a phone call/your choice of communication, an in-depth questionnaire & a step by step planning guide I get to know you both and the vision you have for your elopement day. I work with your desires to scout for the perfect off-the-beaten-path location & I'll help you get there seamlessly on your wedding day. This is one of my favorite adventures in life. Every time.

Tips & tricks on hiking in your wedding attire.

A dirty wedding dress is a dress that had the best adventure of a lifetime! Your dress is gonna get a little dirty. I hold nothing back when it comes to tips and tricks to help you experience a relaxing adventurous elopement, I'll share my tips for keeping your make up flawless, I'll help you when your hands are cold by packing extra hand warmers in my pack. I'll even catch your veil if the wind tries to sweep it away. I'll be hands on every time.

Legalities on getting married in national parks & other countries.

Almost all national parks requires special use permits to elope there, sometimes more than one permit, but rest assured, I love helping you with filling out the correct permits and finding out the correct information on any legalities to get married in national parks and different states or countries. I am also an ordained officiant, to give couples that want absolute intimacy the opportunity to have that.

Striping away any stress that might come with planning.

I have a complete planning guide that will make the planning of your elopement effortless, not to mention that I will help you every step of the way, like what to do when the weather is bad or when there are sudden park closures and even when things doesn't always go exactly as planned I'll make sure that regardless of any obstacles we encounter - you will experience the adventure of a lifetime.

You will make a lifetime friend :)

The amount of support I bring to all my couple's tables are usually unexpected. I'm not only going to be your photographer and guide, we're going to create a friendship that will last forever. I'm going to be there whenever you need me. I value these friendships I get to create so much because I truly love what I do and I care deeply for eloping couples and their wedding day experiences, simply because you deserve to have one heck of an epic wedding day!

I care deeply for every friendship I get to make & I care to give every couple an incredible wedding experience - because you deserve to have one heck of an epic wedding day!

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I value your love just as much as I value my own.

My Travel Schedule

2020 | 2021



2022 + 23 travel schedule will be released soon. prices will vary.


fun facts about me

Elopement Photographer | Avonture Elopem

My Bucket List

| Learn How To Surf | Skydive | Kayak With Whales | See The Northern Lights | Hot Air Balloon Ride | Bungee Jump | Swim With Manatees | Visit All US National Parks | Have A Bonfire On A Beach | Beach Horseback Riding | Rooftop Dinner | Learn Rock Climbing | BASE jump | Snowmobiling | AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!

How Does This Work?

Just a few steps to your dreamy elopement:

Get in touch.

We'll first talk about your vision for your dream elopement day.

Choose the perfect date.

All you need to get in touch is a general desired date.

Together we craft your elopement day.

Don't worry if you don't have everything decided on yet - I will help you put all your details together.

Have your intimate wedding experience. Whether it's over the mountians, under the stars or through dusty deserts - your adventurous elopement day becomes a reality.

An adventure relived for centuries to come.

You'll have a beautiful gallery that tells the story of your memorable day forever.

This will be your anniversary for the rest of your life - let's make it into the type of adventure you want to last forever.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

All you need is a general location and date to get started.