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I'm Shanmari - elopement crafter and photographer here at Avonture. I'm based out of Ohio and travels worldwide to help couples plan their dream elopement that values their beliefs and authenticity. Reach out anytime if you'd like to chat about yours!

How to Include Your Family When You Elope Alone

You're eloping your way, and the big day is finally approaching. You and your partner have decided to get hitched without guests in an intimate ceremony and wondering how you can include your loved ones in the celebration.

A lot of loved ones may feel left out knowing you will be saying your vows without them. While they are still happy and excited for you, they may want to be included in a small way.

Let's explore the ways you can include your family when you elope alone.

eloping couple walking on sand dunes overlooking Lake Michigan on their Michigan elopement day

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

If there is one tradition that should always be around, it should be this – a bachelor/bachelorette party! Tradition expects you to have a party the night before the wedding day, but for the last decade, people have their party weeks before the wedding day.

A bachelor/bachelorette party is a great way to bring families together to celebrate the couple. You can even party together with your soon-to-be spouse instead of independent celebrations.

Split Up the Day

Splitting up your elopement day is an amazing way to include your loved ones on your big day. You get your privacy and seclusion for your ceremony and then get an exciting reception with all your loved ones who are enthusiastically waiting to celebrate with you.

Have a sunrise elopement in the early morning and spend your day with the love of your life. Take a moment of privacy afterward and get ready for a night of fun with those closest to you. There are many other variations of splitting your day up. You could have a brunch with loved ones and a sunset elopement alone.

Have Family Write Letters

While your family wants to be with you on your elopement day, you can still include them by having them write their blessings down on paper for you. When you are standing on a mountaintop, just said "I do," you can open these precious love letters and all the blessings they are sending your way.

Having family write letters to you is an intimate experience and a sure way to bring sweet tears to your eyes, knowing there is a village of people back home supporting and loving you.

Live Stream the Big Day

Thank you, technology! You can have every family member from all corners of the world present through video chat at your elopement. Use Facetime, Zoom, or Skype, and have all your loved ones witness the magic that is your union.

If there is no service at your elopement, which is a strong possibility, have someone record the ceremony or use a tripod to videotape it. You can show off the video when you get together with your family afterward. Consider hiring a videographer to get things done right for you. It will also make it easier not to be tied down to a specific time to Skype the fam!

Write Letters to the Family

Another way you can make your family feel included in your elopement is to write a letter to the family. Designate a quiet time to reflect on those who aren't present and write a heartfelt letter explaining how much they mean to you.

Your loved ones will welcome the gesture and know that they were on your mind when you got married.

Lesbian couple kissing on their elopement day surrounded by trees and with a bridge and river in the background.

Include Family When You Elope Alone with These Great Ideas

However you choose to elope, with or without family, there is no wrong way! The memories of your wedding day are what will last a lifetime, so how you spend it is what matters the most.

Include family in your elopement by celebrating this magnificent occasion, writing letters to each other, and having them help you with all the planning. Enlist loved ones to do your hair and makeup, plan the reception and go shopping for your attire. You might be eloping alone, but you are never alone in life!

As an elopement photographer, my job is to help you plan the perfect elopement! My clients will receive a full elopement planning guide, vendor information, attire ideas, and location recommendations. Let's get to work!


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I'm Shanmari - elopement crafter and photographer here at Avonture. I'm based out of Ohio and travels worldwide to help venturing couples like you plan their dream elopement that values their beliefs and authenticity.

Need help crafting your own elopement day?

 If you'd like help planning your dream elopement day with a ultimate elopement planning guide, personalized location idea list just for you, vendor recommendations, planning and traveling tips and tricks, my never-ending help and guidance and an authentic, documentary approach to photographing your adventure - I would love to help you plan your day from scratch and make all your wedding dreams come true and more.

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