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The horizons for authentic wedding experiences are endless.

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Make the stars your chapel & the wind your first dance song.

Make the crevices of mountains and the edges of trees your decorations.

Measure your most precious moments with the closest people in your life.

Value the experience you walk away from at the end of your wedding day above all.


If you could go anywhere in our WORLD to make the biggest commitment of your life, where will you go?

Now, just IMAGINE your wedding day there.

All love is unique, why can Weddings not be unique as well? 

The truth is your wedding day can be whatever you want it to be.


You deserve a wedding day that is an honest reflection of who you and your partner are together.

Your Handcrafted wedding day that you truly WANT  

is waiting for you.

Here at Avonture your wedding experience is handcrafted by you,

for you.



But why choose to elope?

Elope because you will find a form of peace and tranquility so rarely found in the world today.

It's a sense of ADVENTURE impossible to rival.


To elope is to experience a unique & meaningful wedding day that's completely yours -  packed with everything that lays close to your hearts. It truly represents your beliefs and values and is a true mirror of who you two are as a couple.

The way your wedding day makes you feel, MATTERS.


Eloping allows you to have the freedom of choice, to spend your wedding day however you want - If you want it to be just the two of you or have a few of your closest with you -


however you dream your day to be, let me come alongside you & help you put every detail together, from scratch.

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Just bring your elopement vision to me,

 I'll take care of the rest!

I'm shanmari, the elopement photographer & crafter here at avonture. And this is Alpen, my Furry life companion!


I truly believe that every couple should experience a wedding day that allows for freedom of vulnerability, an adventure you will remember & treasure for the rest of your life.


I believe YOU truly deserve your dream wedding day, a day you want to spend with your partner to its fullest.

Nothing less.

This is where Your search for a uniquely-you wedding experience ends.


a v o n t u r e

What does "avonture" mean?


The word, "Avonture" is the Afrikaans word for 


I was born and raised in South Africa, so, Afrikaans is my native language - it's only one of the 11 languages in South Africa. Avonture represents the start of a lifetime of adventures. Usually when a couple gets married someone would congratulate them and say "I wish you a lifetime full of avonture" i.e a lifetime full of adventures.

That's what I wish for you, that this adventure into marriage is only the start of a lifetime full of meaningful adventures together.

why trust Avonture?

Because, in so many ways - Avonture cares, 

& is highly experienced in many intentional elopements.

Handcrafted personalized experiences.

Highly rated, continuous 5-star reviews.

documentary approach to photographing your day.

Your experience and memories are in caring hands.

Also because...

Avonture strives for inclusivity of all.

To provide a welcoming experience and a safe space for all couples.

Avonture is a LGBTQIA+ & BIPOC+ friendly brand, a brand that continues to open doors for those who feel they don't belong.


You belong, you're valued here. 

All love is warmly welcomed here.

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Avonture is environmentally  conscious & takes care when adventuring 



Elope For You, but also for

Mother Earth.

elopements care for

our planet.

Elopements allow for us to enjoy the beauty earth presents to us but it is only up to us to take care of that beauty so it can last for centuries to come. 


Did you know that the average traditional wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide? Mind blown right?


It is statistically proven that elopements have a very gentle ecological footprint - we should aim for that so we can give back to Mother Nature what she deserves. 


Grassy Mountains


See why my couples rate me 5 stars



"you’d only have regrets if you didn’t book her!"

"Working with Avonture Elopements was nothing short of a perfect experience, and when it comes to something as complex as an elopement, having someone as experienced as Shanmari will surely help your day go smoother. From the beautifully catered meal, spun ceramics to eat from, perfect locations and even more incredible photos to look at after our special day, I can’t think of any critique for her work, SHE’s A STAR!


Shanmari has this magical personality and a genuine desire to really get to know her couples before shooting with them. This was apparent throughout the entire process and especially the day off as she made small changes based on her observations throughout the shoot. I was worried that taking photos for a 7+ hour event would get tiring, but Shanmari has this incredible skill of really carping photos in the moment so you barely even know she’s there at times. That was truly her greatest strength throughout the entire process, and I know is something that you won’t find in a lot of photographers. On top of that, she was extremely flexible and so creatively navigated around any of the small obstacles we encountered on our day.


In addition to all the amazing skills and talent, Shanmari is a loving and super fun person that anyone would be so lucky to have plan and photograph their special day. She will make sure that you are getting everything you want, and I’m certain that you’d only have regrets if you didn’t book her!


If you haven’t thought about an Ohio elopement, now is definitely the time!"

- Garrett & Michael

Ohio Elopement | Avonture | Garrett & Mi
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"The photos she took will be the ones we can always look back on and actually FEEL the emotion and love we have for each other"

"I'm not sure where to start or how I can concisely write what an amazing time it was to be photographed by Shanmari. From day one she kept my fiance and I informed of the whole process and later provided us with a detailed itinerary, packing list and more - which for someone like me, is VERY important ;). Our day with Shanmari was beautiful. From the moment we met, it was like meeting up with an old friend. She made us feel extremely comfortable, she let us do our thing and she captured some of the most beautiful moments I've ever shared with my now, husband. We will forever remember that day. The photos she took will be ones we can always look back on and actually FEEL the emotion and love we have for each other. If you are trying to decide whether or not Shanmari is the one to photograph your special day, she is. She is incredible at what she does and I know you will be as grateful as I am that I took the leap and chose to go with her!"

- Jordan & Jordan

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

All you need is a general location and date to get started.

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E x p e r i e n c e

this incredible 8 hour Ohio Elopement with a full gallery of their day!

Your elopement day planned - without the stress.

A tip of the iceberg on my guidance to you:

I have excellent navigational skills ;)

Scouting for the perfect off-the-beaten-path location & helping you get there seamlesly on your wedding day is one of my favorite adventures in life. Every time.

I share everything.

I hold nothing back when it comes to tips and tricks to help you experience a relaxing elopement, I can even show you how to pack your wedding attire safely into your hiking backpack.

Permits? Marriage License?

I love to help with filling out the correct permits and sharing the correct information on any legalities to get married out in nature or in any country. Oh and I am an ordained officiant, for those couples that want absolute intimacy.

I step back.

You deserve an intentionally intimate wedding day - I don't make your wedding day into a huge photoshoot, I give you and your partner space to relax and enjoy the moments you share on such a meaningful day. But rest assured - all your memories will be documented.

I come with snacks :)

Yup, no one will ever get hungry on their wedding day when I am around - I'll be packing your favorites!

I care deeply for every couple's experience - we're gonna have an epic time together.

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How Does This Work?

Just a few steps to your dreamy elopement:

Get in touch.

We'll first talk about your vision for your dream elopement day.

Choose the perfect date.

All you need to get in touch is a general desired date.

Together we craft your elopement day.

Don't worry if you don't have everything decided on yet - I will help you put all your details together.

Have your intimate wedding experience.

Whether it's over the mountians, under the stars or through dusty deserts - your adventurous elopement day becomes a reality.

An adventure relived for centuries to come.

You'll have a beautiful gallery that tells the story of your memorable day forever.

This will be your anniversary for the rest of your life - let's make it into the type of adventure you want to last forever.

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All you need is a partner you wanna marry, a heart for the outdoors & a thing for intimate authentic moments.