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Michigan Elopement Sleeping Bear Dunes |

By now you know I will photograph your timeless moments & help you plan an authentic wedding experience...

But, how does the journey look like working with me?

In short, Fun, Laid back yet organized, vulnerable, authentic and most of all


because I'll be there for you with every step.

Michigan Elopement Sleeping Bear Dunes |

Your wedding day experience



Get in touch, Book me and most important - get to know each other.

Hinckley Lake & Princess Ledges | Avontu

 All you need in order to get in touch is a general desired date.

After you fill out the contact form we will schedule a phone call/ your choice of communication with you and your partner & get to know each other to better craft an experience specially curated for you. We'll first talk about your vision for your dream elopement day and what you value most, what an elopement means to you and your partner and how you wish to spend your elopement day together. We will then talk about the logistics behind your potential locations and so much more.

Once you are ready to move forward and book me I will start off our planning process with a detailed getting to know you questionnaire - not only does it help me truly get to know who you are as a couple but it also helps me set up a detailed location list specially curated for you two - what you love and envision for your wedding day.

Example questions straight from the questionnaire:

"If you had a free day together where you could go and do whatever you want, with no limits, what would you do together? Describe your perfect, dreamiest day that the two of you spent together."

"Do you two like to hike? Do you like the idea of hiking on your wedding major? Are you more interested in very accessible locations?"


Together we craft your wedding day from scratch.

Michigan Elopement Sleeping Bear Dunes |

Don't worry if you don't have everything decided on yet - I will help you put all your details together with a very detailed planning guide.


70+ Pages

  • You'll receive a personalized location idea list.

  • You'll have access to tons of tips and tricks on hiking, packing your attire in your hiking backpack and more.

  • You'll receive a guide to writing vows that includes a general structure to act as ideas for when you get stuck finding the right words.

  • You'll have a customizable planning timeline for the months leading to the day of, so that you know exactly when to book certain vendors, when to have your attire ready and more. 

  • And closer to your day I will help you craft up a timeline that will work with any schedule whether it is hiking time, driving time or even flying time - I'll put a functioning laid back timeline together with lots of time to relax and treasure the small moments in between.

There is so much more where this comes from. I will guide you through every step - I promise.

Michigan Elopement_Avonture_Sand Dunes-1


Experience the best day of your life.

Whether it's over the mountains, under the stars or through dusty deserts - your adventurous elopement day becomes a reality. We will be adventuring together and you will finally have those getting-married-feels.

How is the experience of being photographed by me?

The photographing experience with me is very different with every couple. Why? Simply because no two couples are the same.


I do things a little differently than most photographers. This video right here is a little insight to how I start every photo session.

I speak through the process and set an intention for the whole shoot.

 Every couple already knows how to "pose" you both have already found the little nooks on each others body that you love to snuggle into, you have a certain way of holding hands, a favorite way of hugging each other and those favorite spots to kiss... 


I take the time to recognize that all couples are different and every couple connect with each other in their own way, you know what that way is better than I ever will. I pay attention to those favorite ways of interacting with each other all throughout our session.

I want to take you on a journey of connection, on an unforgettable experience and I prioritize your experience and connection over everything else. To me it isn't just about how the photos look like but just as much about how you feel when you look at them again.

I will document your day and your intimate moments authentically, every moment will be captured so that when you look back at those moments you can still feel the adventure running through you just as you felt on your wedding day - committing your life to your partner.

Experience Of Being Photographed By Me


An adventure relived for centuries to come.

When all is said and done, You'll have a beautiful gallery that tells the story of your memorable day forever.


Sometimes the gallery is the only way loved ones can see the adventure you had and I don't take the privilege in documenting your adventure lightly. You will be able to easily share your gallery with friends and family worldwide, print anywhere and download numerously.

Nelson-Kennedy Ledges Ohio Elopement | A

Check out Garret & Michael's 8 hour elopement in Cleveland Ohio.

Ohio Elopement | Avonture | Garrett & Mi

Check out Ashley & Joy's adventurous day they had in Michigan!

Michigan Elopement Sleeping Bear Dunes |

I'm gonna be there for you.


Planning a wedding day can be stressful - I know that first hand as I planned my own elopement with no help. I'm here because I don't want any couple planning their wedding day to have that much stress - I want to make the planning process as stress free and seamless as humanely possible.

Kate & Ben | Ohio Wedding | Lisa Kish -2

Still not sure?

Hear it straight from the couples!

Grassy Mountains


See why my couples rate me 5 stars

"She really cared about making a genuine connection with us"

"Where do I start!!! Shanmari was such a great pleasure to work with for these beautiful photographs. Prior to even meeting I can tell she really cared about making a genuine connection with us. She told us a little about herself and her background and we did the same. We met up and I felt like I was meeting up with a friend instead of a stranger! She was so down to earth, professional, and let my partner and I be our complete, organic selves around her. The pictures all came out so natural and beautiful and it’s all thanks to her! I highly recommend booking Shanmari for your next session, you won’t regret it!"

- Derrick & Stephany

"She managed to capture so many beautiful moments, making the seemingly fleeting now last forever"

"Shanmari is an incredible photographer. She managed to capture so many beautiful moments, making the seemingly fleeting now last forever. Not only did my husband and I get gorgeous wedding photos, we were also able to include our two small children. While that might be a challenge for some, Shanmari handled them beautifully and graciously. My family had a wonderful time taking these photos, and Shanmari’s expert vision brought to life these amazing memories we will certainly treasure forever."

- Scott & Mandie



how will I be there for you?

Yup - there's more!

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